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Jeff Anglin Auctioneer Licensed and Bonded in Ohio & PA with over 30 years experience
Licensed Auctioneer since 1985
call us at 330-707-0875 or toll free 1-800-307-1777
Certified Licensed appraiser for over 30 years, Member CAGA
 Member National Auctioneers Association & Ohio Auctioneers Association

About US and Online VS Live Auction

Get the Most for your merchandise at our Live auctions where the bidding is competetive and live, where you can see whos bidding and be competetive, intense bidders await there items and its bid now and own it and  take it home, view it handle it in our comfortable auction gallery, we allow you to bid and buy your item auction day then take it home that day or pick up your items within a few days after the auction where items are secure and safe with staff to help you load your items, delivery service available for a fee, live bidding is the best result and gets the most for your merchandise.

With over 30 years experience in getting the most for your mercandise at live auctions, we've been doing live auctions for over 30 years and they have always proven successfull, don't be fooled by those permoting online auctions, online auctions may work for high quality items or rare items that need buyers from other locations but everyday merchandise antiques and collectibles demand a better price at live auctions to local buyers, local buyers buy for resale and support the local small businesses, or retail customers buy for there own personal use or collections, household auctions antique auctions or collectibles help support the local small business market and supply dealers and individuals with used furniture or collectibles for resale or there own personal use,

Those permoting online auctions charge higher rates and do no manual labor charge fees for on line listings, charge fees to buyers, they either do not have the auction facility to sell the items or simply do not want to work, online sellers sell furniture with drawers full or sell by the room full we sort and seperate your items sell them individually or by the box full and command better prices by getting more for your items, we have the laborers the trucks packing materials and our own auction gallery and warehouse to sell your goods and when we leave a home or business all the work is completed and you are left with a clean home or business ready for the next owner or tenant.

We schedule a day for your liquidation and pick up, clean out your home same day clean up the home schedule to sell your items in our comfortable auction facility and send you a check, no delays no timely wait no damage done by hundreds of people tramping thru your home to get what they bid online, no damage done by loads of bidders who park all over the streets yards and your neighbors property, no 2 hour limit to get your online purchases picked up, no unhappy buyers because the item was misrepresented in a photo, Live auctions they can examine the items handle the items and go home with there purchase auction day with item in hand or pick it up at our auction gallery within a few days of the auction, we have acres of parking 200 seats and a comfortable auction gallery which comand  better results.

As a leading provider in the auction industry we provide a full time auction service with a fleet of moving trucks and experienced laborers, we take pride in offering the best possible service at a reasonable rate. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. I have been in the Auction Business since 1977 first as a laborer then received my Auctioneers license in 1985, we are a highly recommended auction company built by reputation, we run a weekly auctions every week and have done so since 1996 and all of our auctions are live auctions and command competetive prices for your merchandise.

If you have a household whether it is one piece or an entire house full we can liquidate it, no job to big or to small, We also offer a complete clean out service to get homes real estate ready and broom clean, rates vary on size of home and distance of travel call for rates.

Lawyers Courts or individuals can contact us for a full evaluation

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